On all types of walls

Conveniently folded, the Smart Dryer is only 6 inches (15 centimeters) long. Unfold it in an instant to get the equivalent of a 30-foot (10 meters) clothesline!

On the balcony

The Smart Dryer is always ready, indoors or outdoors, temporarily or year-round! Complete installation kit included.

On recreational vehicules

You can fix the Smart Dryer permanently to your wall or use the robust and adjustable rubber-lined clamps to hang the Smart Dryer on your balcony or recreational vehicles (RV).

Don’t get fooled by imitations, make sure you get the original Smart Dryer!

Smart Dryer, with large 33 feet capacity.

Compact Smart Dryer, with 13 feet capacity.

Our Original Clothespins, 24 pack.